Thursday, February 21, 2008

It can't be!

Inside TV is reporting that Las Vegas has been canceled!! What!?! Oh please say it isn't so NBC!
The last episode left so many things up in the air.
Delinda? The Baby, Cooper is not dead! James Blunt!
So what are we going to mail NBC in hopes they change their minds!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just for the halibut

Happy New Year!

So I have not felt like blogging about TV in some time. To tell you the truth the writers strike is just killing me! I know that the holidays bring 2 weeks of re-runs but come next week we are quickly running out of new tv! Crap I am going to have to read a book!!

Tonight my husband and I have been drinking bloody Marys and watching "Monster Catch" on the National Geographic channel!! What the hell!?!?! See writers... see what you are doing to me! Big fish?? 400 pound halibut??? Who gives a shit! Well it seems that I do... maybe it's just the bloody marys!

Now if by chance some tv writers happens upon this blog (yeah right) I do support your strike. However as a huge TV fan I need you to come back to work and soon! Cause as much as this fish show is interesting (don't forget I am drinking) I need new episodes of my shows! Hell I'd love a new Bionic Woman at this point!

So happy New Year to those few people who may happen upon this blog and know that my drunken prayers are for a quick end to this strike!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nielsen--what I think

Here are the Nielsen top 20 for the past week. Here's what I think of them... what do you think???

1. CSI (CBS) Have never missed an episode, glad to see Sarah going!

2. Dancing with the Stars - Mon (ABC) At number 2 in the ratings I should be less humiliated that I can't miss this show! I am rooting for that little Cheeta Girl...she's a spitfire!

3. Grey's Anatomy (ABC) I hear some bloggers and critics complaining about this season. I have found it as good as always. p.s. The latest Entertainment Weekly has about 3000 hot pictures of Patrick Dempsey this week!

4. Desperate Housewives (ABC) How can you NOT love Dana?? D.H. is back in top form! I think Michael Bolton might be the only one who will ever love Eddie!

5. House (FOX) Love it!

6. 60 Minutes (CBS) this show is still on? (tick tick tick) Who's watching?

7. Dancing with the Stars - Tues (ABC) Oh for Pete's sake, look up the looser on line! Really re-cap shows are such a waste of time!

8. NCIS (CBS) Don't watch

9. Criminal Minds (CBS) This is a top notch show, I have enjoyed it from the beginning! I'm going to miss Mandy!

10. CSI: Miami (CBS) Camp Camp Camp!! This week's Speedle is alive story sucked.

11. Survivor (CBS) Is it just me or is this season kinda craptastic?? I should just start watching this show after the merge... Then I don't have to get to all of these people!

12. Cold Case (CBS) Don't watch

13. Without A Trace (CBS)Don't watch

14. CSI: NY (CBS)Don't watch

15. Two and a Half Men (CBS)Don't watch

16. Deal Or No Deal - Weds (NBC)Don't watch

17. Brothers & Sisters (ABC) I have loved this show since the very first minute! How bummed were all of you that Justin to the narcotics?

18. Private Practice (ABC)I am surprised that after 3 weeks this show is still in the top 20! It does not have the Grey's magic!!

19. Law and Order: SVU (NBC) Don't watch

20. Extreme Makeover (ABC) Don't watch... really the theme rooms piss the hell outta me. Sure a Barbie Princess Bubble Butterfly Bubble Gum room is great for a 7 year old, and I am sure she will still LOVE it when she is 14!

Monday, October 15, 2007

What have you dropped? Regrets?

If you are like me... you watch to much TV. I have had to drop a show here and there. My first DVR delete was CBS's Kid Nation. I watched the first 2 and I have to say I couldn't stand it! One of the kids reminded me of a kid that goes to the same school my children do. Guess what, I can't stand this kid and therefor I hated the Kid Nation Kid. Not fair but that's what happens. Other than actually hating a child for little reason I didn't like the way the show was set up. So Kid Nation is off my radar, I did read the TV Squad review last week... you know just to make sure no one died out there in the Nevada wilderness.

Any regrets this new season? My husband thinks we should have been watching Back to You and has added it to the TiVo. I hate starting a new show after you miss episodes. the last time I did that was Friends! We'll see if I keep watching.

The more I see the previews I think I should have been watching Big Shots. But Thursday night TV is already FULL.

The only other show I have thought about dropping is Fox's K-Ville. But I keep tuning in and it has gotten better.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

SNL Digital Short

I am not ashamed to say I still do love SNL. I watch it on DVR so I can FF parts I don't find funny. It doesn't bother me that each and every skit doesn't make me pee my pants with laughter!
But now I have an assignment for you my fellow readers (All 2 of you) Please watch the digital short and tell me if you think it was funny. In my house it's 2 for funny and 1 for not funny.
So watch this and let me know what you think!

Friday tv

Womans Murder Club-- What did you think? I really loved it! Great cast, great story, really good glimpse into the lives, secrets, problems and troubles of the main cast. I do love James Patterson and have read many of his books including the first 4 or 5 woman's murder club books. I hope he does as well with this show as Kathy Reichs has done with Bones. My only worry about this show is the Friday night time slot. Maybe the TV world will come to realize there are middle aged woman out here who want to watch tv on Friday night. This isn't the old days... hell if a show is good the 18 demographic will TiVo it and watch it after they get back from the bar! :)

I am also excited to see Men In Trees back on the air. (ER had a very funny line this week. Abby asked where Jerry was, she was told he took off to Alaska to serve drinks) This certainly wasn't the best episode but you have to remember ABC took it off the air before the first season had aired all the episodes. Not sure how many shows we will see this season that were meant to be shown last year. I just can't wait to get to the shows where Lynn is gone!!

What do you think of Tom Selleck on Vegas? I have to say I don't miss James Cann like I thought I would.Cooper is a great character and will probably be a fine asset to the show. Oh and I don't miss Mary's giant CANS getting flashed in my face every 5 seconds!

Here's to Friday TV and the people who do stay home to watch it. We deserve good shows and I hope the 3 I have mentioned here stay on the air!

Oh wait.. one more -- Moonlight. Oh man is is campy and the acting isn't the greatest. But that main Vampire is cute as a bug ear! It's worth watching just for him!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Did you eat the shit sandwich?

Maybe it's my love and adoration for Fred Goss but I am SO mad that Carpoolers was stuck with a lead in like Cavemen. I am wishing and praying that Carpoolers does well, I can't get enough of Fred, he is so funny. ABC gave him the shaft when they canceled Son's & Daughter's. I sure hope they are going to give Carpoolers another chance after no one tunes into Caveman.

So yeah I ate the shit sandwich and sat through most of Cavemen. It was so God Awful!! It is certainly my pick for the first new show that gets canned. But the afore mentioned sandwich might not have kept people at the table for the nice desert that Carpoolers was.

Now I didn't think Carpoolers was the greatest show but there is potential there. Fred's character is very funny. The black guy with the 4 , 6 or 8 kids is great. We'll have to see about the newbie in their carpool. The one thing I don't like is the Dentist. Jerry plays him well. there is just something really creepy about a doctor (well dentist) who can't get his own life together. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.